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Happy, Healthy, & Smart Holidays

Let me set the stage for you… When I walk into my family’s house during the holidays, the aromas of basil, garlic, baking bread, boiling pasta, roasting meat, and baking pies welcome me home. My mom is buzzing around the kitchen like a hummingbird, covered in flour, egg yolk, and Lord knows what else. As …

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Eating Right for The Whole Family

Whole-foods versions of old family favorites & new techniques for introducing healthy foods. The age-old dreaded question, what’s for dinner tonight? If we buy into what the junk food industry tells us, we don’t have time to cook a healthy dinner. Healthy foods are expensive, and no one in the family likes them anyway. Better …

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Have Your Cake and…. Healthy “Junk” Food Ideas

One of the toughest parts of adopting a healthy lifestyle is getting off of refined sugar. Sugar has been proven in many studies1 to be more addictive than cocaine and is far more socially acceptable. Just think about it. Sugar is everywhere…throughout grocery stores, in every gas station, at every checkout register, at every party …

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The Gut-Brain Connection: Improving Mood and Digestion Through Anti-inflammatory Nutrition

The “connection” The gut is often referred to as the “second” brain because it contains the same tissue and can produce many of the same chemical messengers as the brain that sits in the cranium. If you have ever experienced “butterflies in your stomach” when you are nervous or excited, then you have experienced the …

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Responsible Paleo-Style Nutrition

Why Paleo-style Nutrition? Paleo-style nutrition focuses on foods that humans have been eating and digesting for thousands of years. Our digestive tracts are set up to digest and absorb protein, fat, and carbohydrates from fruits, vegetables, and roots most optimally. As humans have only been cultivating grains for a small period of our history of …

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Join Us for The NENH Spring Detox 2015 April 25th – May 3rd

Time for Spring Cleaning! For the first time, the Spring Detox Program will be offered free of charge to all who want to participate. This complimentary program includes: The Spring Detox Manual with clean nutrition guidelines, spring-time oriented recipes, meal plan, shopping list, journal, and helpful hints for success. The manual will be provided electronically. …

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Update on Insurance Coverage

It has been over a year now since the Affordable Healthcare Act (ACA) was implemented at the federal government level. In Section 2706 of the ACA provides for a non-exclusion clause, private insurance companies like Anthem, Cigna, Aetna, Harvard Pilgrim, and United Healthcare are mandated to provide in-network coverage for all licensed healthcare professionals, including …

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Healthwave is an online service that allows you to refill current supplements prescriptions or order new supplements without coming into the office. Healthwave carries around 95% of the supplements in our dispensary at NENH and more. Dr. Corrie may refer you to Healthwave to order something that NENH doesn’t normally stock or is sold out …

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The Return of an Old Favorite: B Shots!

Many of you who have been with me long-term remember my Vitamin B shots clinic at Champion’s. It seems like such a long time ago, though it was actually only a few years. Back then, Vitamin B shots were the quickest way I knew to treat various chronic complaints and make people feel good quickly. What …

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