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Integrative Concierge Care for the Treatment of Chronic Disease

New England Naturopathic Health utilizes both conventional and integrative diagnostic laboratory services to fully assess and understand the underlying causes of chronic disease. As accurate diagnostics are integral to the NENH approach, testing is ordered in the first patient consultation and often precedes treatment initiation.  Diagnostics are used to collect actionable information and NENH does not profit off of any diagnostic testing that we order.

Blood Work

NENH no longer offers on site lab services, but we are able to send a lab requisition to the lab of your choice.

Most private insurances and group plans will cover conventional testing ordered by Naturopathic Doctors. Still, it is the patient’s responsibility to ensure coverage and understand applicable deductibles before completing any diagnostics.

For patients without insurance or who would prefer to pay cash out of pocket for labs, we work with and highly recommend labs through New Century Lab which is a division of Quest Diagnostics. This option is only available if you get your labs drawn through Lacasse Phlebotomy Services.

Other companies utilized by NENH to collect at-home samples include


Salivary collection of adrenal and reproductive hormone levels for assessment of imbalance.  Adrenal function is a keystone of healing and understanding a patient’s adrenal function often helps to explain symptoms of fatigue, insufficient reproductive hormones and thyroid function.

Diagnostic Solutions

PCR-based stool analysis of both microbiome balance and digestive function. This test is often used in the diagnosis of GI pathology and assesses for:

  • Overgrowth of yeast, bacteria, or parasites
  • Insufficient beneficial flora
  • Digestive enzyme levels
  • An under- or overactive intestinal immune system
  • Undigested nutrients in the stool
  • Inflammatory markers
  • Presence of occult (hidden) blood

US Biotek IgG Based Food Sensitivity Testing 

Blood-spot collection to determine antibody-based reactions to 96 (or more) different foods.  This test is often used as a first-line assessment of allergic complaints such as seasonal allergies, asthma and eczema and identifies foods that are contributing factors, helping to establish an initial therapeutic nutrition regimen.  This test also can provide an understanding of mast cell reactivity and overall immune function for individual patients.

Medical Diagnostic Labs

This lab is currently NENH’s choice for testing for Lyme disease and co-infections.  Please note that this testing must be collected by Lacasse Phlebotomy.

Microbiology Dx

Sinus swab collection for culturing and determining the sensitivity of both chronic bacterial and fungal sinus infections.

Great Plains Laboratory

Urine testing to determine mycotoxin levels for assessment of mycotoxin (mold) illness and levels of mercury, lead and other toxic metals for assessment of heavy metal toxicity.

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Integrative Concierge Care for the Treatment of Chronic Disease