Nutritional Supplements

Not all Nutritional Supplements are created equally. At New England Naturopathic Health, we pride ourselves in being experts in the Supplement market. The Internet can offer all kinds of advice on which supplements to take for what conditions. This is often where consumers of Supplements receive their protocols.

Supplement recommendations from the Internet are often made with the “Dr. Oz” mentality. That is, recommending a particular supplement for a specific condition. Sound familiar? This is also how pharmaceutical drugs are prescribed, with no attention to the underlying causes of disease.

There is no one protocol for a health condition that works for everyone, as the underlying causes of the same disease are unique to the individual. Also, there is no standard of regulation for Nutritional Supplements. Purchasing Supplements from a company that does not use a third-party verification service leaves consumers open to fraudulent claims.

Let New England Naturopathic Health take the guesswork out of your Nutritional Supplement protocol and optimize the value of your investment in your health. Our Doctors prescribe supplements to help with symptomatic treatment when appropriate. More importantly, they address the underlying causes of the symptoms.

While a severely ill patient may start by taking numerous supplements, the end goal is to reduce supplementation as the patient heals. As health progresses, supplements and medications become less necessary. Eventually, most patients “graduate” to a maintenance plan of healthy lifestyle habits and good-quality Multivitamins, Omega-3’s, Vitamin D, and, when appropriate, probiotics and bone support therapies.

For our patient’s convenience, NENH maintains an in-house dispensary of frequently-prescribed products. For items that we prescribe but do not stock or for patients who live far from the clinic, our virtual dispensaries, Fullscript, and Wellevate may be utilized. To subscribe to Fullscript or Wellevate, request an invitation from our helpful staff.

You will receive an email invitation. Once you have created a username and password, you will be able to log on and see your supplement protocol. You are under no obligation to purchase your supplements from NENH, Fullscript, or Wellevate.

However, we cannot guarantee that other non-third-party certified supplements will produce clinical efficacy. If you have a supplement company you prefer, NENH will be happy to review the quality for you. NENHs preferred Nutritional Supplement companies include: