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Integrative Concierge Care for the Treatment of Chronic Disease

New England Naturopathic Health provides innovative solutions to the diagnosis and treatment
of chronic illness, assisting patients to successfully navigate their individual health journeys.


Long Covid Syndromes

Symptoms of brain fog, hair loss, anxiety, arrhythmias, distorted sense of smell and taste, muscle weakness and fatigue, GI symptoms and a host of other debilitating complaints comprise the poorly understood phenomona of Long-COVID. Rehabilitation requires repairing damaged tissues, addressing endocrine imbalances, calming down residual inflammation and identifying older infections that have been re-activated during COVID.


Endocrine Conditions

A full endocrine work up including adrenal function, thyroid function and assessment of reproductive hormones estrogen, progesterone and testosterone is frequently the first set of diagnostics run for new patients of NENH. In identifying endocrine imbalances leading to fatigue, insomnia, menstrual issues and slow metabolism, these symptoms can be addressed from the start of treatment. Achieving endocrine stability simplifies the task of working through underlying causes of chronic inflammation.

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Lyme Disease & Co-Infections

Successful treatment of tick borne illness begins with an accurate diagnosis. NENH utilizes effective research-based methods to diagnose and treat Lyme disease and other tick borne illnesses, factoring in the patient’s individual immune deficiencies to make testing as accurate as possible. Both herbal and pharmaceutical therapies are utilized for treatment of tick-borne illness as well as investigation of factors that cause patients to be more vulnerable to chronic infections.


Mast Cell Activation Syndrome

Many of the underlying causes of chronic inflammation can be traced to individual imbalances in immune function. Symptoms such as environmental allergies, food allergies, IBS, migraines, unexplained hypertension, arrhythmias, chronic edema and vulnerability to chronic infection are attributable to overreactive mast cells. MCAS originates in a patient’s genetics but becomes problematic when the immune system is under stress from infections, allergens, toxins and other irritants. For patients with reactive mast cells, management of over-reactivity and removal of irritants is necessary to move toward desired quality of life.


Mold & Mycotoxin Illness

Due to genetic factors affecting detoxification potential, about 25% of human beings are susceptible to mycotoxin illness when living or working in a “sick” building. Mycotoxin illness creates mysterious symptoms, such as extreme fatigue and brain fog, that are difficult to diagnose. For these patients, liver detoxification and anti-fungal therapies, as well as assessing environmental allergens, become vital to their recovery.



Auto-immune disease occurs when the immune system has gone awry under the influence of chronic infections, toxic burdens, mental-emotional factors and other stressors. NENH helps to identify and remove triggers to auto-immunity along with providing innovative therapies such as Low Dose Naltrexone and mast cell stabilizers to manage auto-immune symptoms. NENH can, and often does, work in conjunction with conventional rheumatology.

At New England Naturopathic Health, we seek to address the underlying causes of disease. This approach requires an individualized, functional approach to healthcare in which the patient is a collaborator and participant in their treatment. Functional health addresses the fundamental determinants of physical and mental health, including diagnostics, lifestyle, mood health, endocrinology, and individual immune function.

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New England Naturopathic Health utilizes both conventional and integrative diagnostic laboratory services to fully assess and understand the underlying causes of chronic disease. As accurate diagnostics are integral to the New England Naturopathic Health approach, testing is ordered in the first patient consultation and often precedes treatment initiation. Diagnostics are used to collect actionable information and NENH does not profit off of any diagnostic testing that we order.

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New England Naturopathic Health offers a comprehensive concierge-based model of care. This model offers patients more time per appointment, increased frequency of appointments per year and increased access to our medical team between appointments for follow-up questions on current treatment plans. This model is necessary both for the efficiency of the practice in providing quality care as well as to ensure that each patient’s needs can be addressed to the level of complexity necessary.

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Integrative Concierge Care for the Treatment of Chronic Disease