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Eating Right for The Whole Family

Whole-foods versions of old favorites and new techniques for introducing healthy foods The age-old dreaded question: what are we having for dinner tonight? If we buy into what the junk food industry tells us, we don’t have time to cook a healthy, dinner. Healthy foods are expensive and no one in the family likes them […]

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Have Your Cake and…. Healthy “Junk” Food Ideas

One of the toughest parts of adopting a healthy lifestyle is getting off of refined sugar. Sugar has been proven in many studies1 to be more addictive than cocaine and is far more socially acceptable. Just think about it. Sugar is everywhere…throughout grocery stores, in every gas station, at every checkout register, at every party […]

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Responsible Paleo-Style Nutrition: Strategies for a paleo lifestyle with attention to animal welfare and environmental concerns

Why Paleo Nutrition? Paleo-style nutrition focuses on foods that humans have been eating (and digesting) for tens of thousands of years. Our digestive tracts are set up to digest and absorb proteins, fats and carbohydrates from fruits, vegetables and roots most optimally. As humans have only been cultivating grains for a small period of our […]

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