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Integrative Concierge Care for the Treatment of Chronic Disease

NENH is often the last stop for patients who have seen many practitioners and specialists looking to diagnose and treat their symptoms. Most patients have been offered a “symptom management” plan with pharmaceutical medications that may or may not be tolerable or improve the patient’s quality of life. Too often, patients with multiple complicated symptoms are written off as “anxious” or “difficult” and made to feel that they are imagining their pathology.  In either scenario, it is likely that the root causes of the symptoms have not been identified, simply because this is not how the conventional medical system works. Unfortunately, without understanding underlying causes, there is no clear path to actual healing.

It is both validating and empowering to discover the underlying causes of chronic illness.

At New England Naturopathic Health, we seek to address the underlying causes of disease. This approach requires an individualized, functional approach to healthcare in which the patient is a collaborator and participant in their treatment. Functional health addresses the fundamental determinants of physical and mental health, including:

  • Diagnostics: Assessment of underlying causes of chronic disease patterns through patient history, assessment of infectious disease, toxicity, endocrine function and other diagnosable obstacles to healing
  • Lifestyle: collaboration to establish the nutrition and activity plan that fits the individual and individualized attention to implementation of healthy habits via communication between appointments 
  • Mood health: Addressing stressors, coping techniques, and working toward mental/emotional balance
  • Endocrinology: assessment and correction of endocrine imbalance affecting thyroid, adrenal function and reproductive hormone health; often this step is foundational to treatment 
  • Individual Immune Function: how the immune system responds to new challenges and to what extent mast cell activation (aka allergy) plays a role in disease patterns

Understanding the unique factors affecting a person’s health requires time. Creating a treatment approach that will address the underlying causes of disease requires individualized attention and education. At New England Naturopathic Health, we understand that since no two people are the same, no two treatment plans can be the same.

Through our Integrative Concierge Care model we are able to:

  • Discuss and understand our patient’s individual health concerns
  • Assess and discover the functional causes behind these health concerns
  • Design an individualized functional treatment strategy
  • Educate the patient about their symptoms, underlying causes and their proactive role in healing
  • Monitor and adjust treatment strategies as needed
  • Take time during initial and follow up consultations to make sure that all aspects of treatment are understood 
  • Follow up with patients between appointments to ensure that treatment is on track and address any new concerns that may arise 

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Integrative Concierge Care for the Treatment of Chronic Disease