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Long-Haul COVID Treatment Through the Lens of Histamine Dominance 

Long-Haul COVID Treatment Through the Lens of Histamine Dominance.

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Why Can’t I Get a Positive Lyme Test? Limitations of Antibody Testing – Part 2: Biofilm Presence

So, you have all the symptoms of Lyme and cannot get the positive test that leads to diagnosis and treatment? In my last blog post, we discussed the first, most important limitation in Lyme testing, which is a poor immune function in which the immune system is too weak to make the antibodies necessary for …

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Why Can’t I Get a Positive Lyme Test? Limitations of Antibody Testing – Part 1: Suppressed Immune Function

I am fond of saying that everyone in Maine has a little bit of Lyme. Though there is some seasonal fluctuation in the tick population, in a year such as this, when ticks are out in full force, it is virtually impossible to not have some exposure. What matters is the state of the individual’s …

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COVID-19 Update

Here are some best practices for protecting yourself from COVID-19 viral infection Corrie Marinaro, ND. Objectives Understanding your individual risk and how to make the immune system work smarter, not harder. Review best lifestyle practices for your immune system, including nutrition, rest, and exercise recommendations. Review immune-supportive nutrients including Vitamin D, Zinc, Vitamin C, and …

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COVID-19 Information & Support

As most of us are aware by now, COVID-19, or Coronavirus, is spreading through our global communities. At the time of this newsletter, there are no confirmed cases in Maine. However, the virus will likely spread to Maine at some point. At New England Naturopathic Health, our focus always is on education and prevention. In …

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Natural Cold & Flu Prevention & Treatment

Lecture notes from Dr. Hayford on Natural Cold & Flu Prevention & Treatment.

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The Gut-Brain Connection: Presentation

From Colby’s Lunch & Learn on December 5  In case you missed it, our gut-brain connection presentation is a click away to browse at your convenience! You can find it here: The Gut-Brain Connection: Presentation  

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Integrative Approaches to Treating the Underlying Causes of Allergies

Download my Integrative Approaches presentation slides here.

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All Things Ozone

As I write, I am traveling back from Reno, Nevada, where Tammy and I just completed our Ozone Therapy certification with Frank Shallenberger, MD, the American Ozone Academy and U.S. Pioneer of this natural, safe, and EFFECTIVE treatment. Ozone therapy is based on the fundamental principle that as the body ages, tissues lose their ability …

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Theories & Philosophy of Detoxification

Why do we engage in detoxification programs anyway? Well, in one sense, it is because of the symbolic commitment to ourselves. In another more physical sense, it is to give ourselves a break from exposure to toxins. Our bodies might take the opportunity to get rid of what we have in storage through detoxification. Toxins …

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