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Responsible Paleo-Style Nutrition: Strategies for a paleo lifestyle with attention to animal welfare and environmental concerns

Why Paleo Nutrition? Paleo-style nutrition focuses on foods that humans have been eating (and digesting) for tens of thousands of years. Our digestive tracts are set up to digest and absorb proteins, fats and carbohydrates from fruits, vegetables and roots most optimally. As humans have only been cultivating grains for a small period of our […]

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Healthy Comfort Foods for the Winter Months

Its that time of year again when I start wanting to put cheese on everything I eat. In general, people crave richer, more-calorie dense foods when the thermometer starts to drop. During the long Maine winter, our instincts are not unlike those of a hibernating bear: we spend more time indoors staying warm, we need more sleep and we […]

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