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To Boniva or not to Boniva? Bone strength and the underlying causes of Osteopenia and Osteoporosis.

We spend so much time focused on what our outsides look like that it is important to reflect upon what’s underneath that holds us up.  Poor bone strength is an issue that is poorly understood by the conventional medical community.  The standard of care currently is pharmaceutical medications like Boniva and Fosamax and the ubiquitous […]

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Gluten-Free Diet: Fad or Necessity?

Naturopathic medicine is all about treating the cause of disease.  One of the fundamental determining factors as to what level of health or disease a person reaches is their daily nutrition choices.  This is a fact that is almost completely ignored in conventional medicine and hence why the healthcare system has gotten so expensive and […]

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The Gut-Brain Connection

As I sit in my living room looking out at the winter wonderland around me, I am reflecting on how the winter can occasionally give me a case of the melancholies. Living in Seattle, land of angsty grunge music and seasonal depression, gave me healthy appetite for sunshine….and a bit of a winter phobia. Though […]

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