Revitalization Happy Hour

Now Tuesdays and Thursdays 4-5PM!

During these hours all therapeutic boosts are $5 off. You do not need to be a patient of NENH to participate, nor do you need an appointment. Just come on by and select from our new menu!

New Therapies

Detox support ($30)

Glutathione is a naturally-occurring antioxidant that allows the body to neutralize free radicals and eliminate toxins effectively. Glutathione is used to support symptoms of allergies, asthma, toxic exposure, neurodegeneration and to assist with Detoxi cation Programs.

Heel® Engystol ($35)

This homeopathic immune-booster contains an antiviral formulation that can stop a cold in its tracks when administered at the rst signs of illness. A must-have tool to get you through cold and u season!

Heel® Spascupril ($35)

A homeopathic smooth-muscle relaxer that can help with muscle spasm anywhere in the body. This therapy is helpful for constipation, leg cramps, menstrual cramps, interstitial cystitis and other spasm-related conditions.

Methylation support ($35)

Got the pesky MTHFR gene mutation? You’re not alone. Genetic mutations at these gene sites cause challenges in biochemical processing of B12 and folate. These nutrients are necessary for detoxi cation, synthesis of neurotransmitters, formation of healthy tissue, building red and white blood cells and the list goes on. Injectable forms of methyl-B12 and Folate can be very helpful for supporting symptoms of fatigue, anemia, depression and poor immune function that emerge when the body is under stress. This boost contains 1⁄2 ml of methyl-B12, 1⁄2 ml for methyl-folate and 1⁄2 ml of B6, for a total of 2500 mcg of each.

Old Favorites

Liquid Sunshine ($25)

25,000 IU of Vitamin D to help get you through the winter blues. Ideal for sufferers of Seasonal Affective Disorder, those who have GI conditions that limit absorption of oral Vitamins and those who can’t remember to take their Vitamin D supplements.

Adrenal Support ($35)

contains methyl-B12, B Complex and B5 or Dexapanthenol. While the B12 and B Complex are working to boost energy, the B5 is nourishing the adrenal tissue and also has the potential to assist the body with histamine clearance. Histamine overload is associated with allergies, skin conditions, asthma and anxiety.

Fat Burner/MIC ($35)

Methionine, Choline and Inositol combine with B12 to stimulate metabolism and turn over fat stores. Disclaimer: MIC injections cannot work on their own and should be combined with therapeutic nutrition, exercise and endocrine support for best weight loss results.

Hair, Skin and Nails Support ($35)

Dexapanthenol and Biotin are the building block of healthy external tissues and B12 and B complex provide the co-factors necessary for optimal strength. This boost has proved invaluable to those patients who are undergoing chemotherapy.