Counseling Services

As of July 2018, Dr. Hayford is providing mental health counseling services. Dr. Hayford is trained in CBT, DBT, and biofeedback. She takes a naturopathic approach to mental healthcare, working to reveal the underlying cause of unrest and working at that level.

Unrest in our nervous system causes the symptoms of anxiety, depression, PTSD, irritability, and so forth. Prolonged stress can shift the way our nervous system is wired, pushing us into a more “fight or flight” orientation. Being in a fight or flight orientation often has deleterious effects on our overall health, and can lead to physical symptoms such as insomnia, digestive complaints, migraines, skin complaints, and elevated blood pressure, among many other things!

Counseling appointments are 1 hour long, and the initial appointment is spent getting to know you and your history, centering around the reasons why you are seeking counseling. This helps Dr. Hayford better understand the way in which you orient to the world and the coping mechanisms you implement to work with the stressors in your life. After the initial appointment, in addition to talk therapy, Dr. Hayford will also provide “homework” which often revolves around ways to begin to bring increased awareness to the “why” behind your anxiety, depression, or other mood disturbances, and then slowly implement new and more effective coping mechanisms to help relieve the discomfort that you feel.

By learning better coping strategies and increasing our awareness of our thoughts and actions, we become empowered individuals who feel we have control over our thoughts and feelings maybe more than we ever have before, allowing us to move forward with confidence knowing that we are well-equipped to face whatever the day may bring!